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Welcome to the West Central Conference - 2021-22!

Welcome to the West Central Conference - 2021-22!
The schools of the West Central Conference hope that
you find this website to be a very
useful tool. Click on any of the
schools to the right to view their
Activity Calendars. Click on Conference Calendar above to view the complete Calendar of all West Central Conference activities.

The seven schools of the WCC compete
yearly at the highest levels of
Minnesota State High School League
competition at sub-sectional,sectional,
and state tournaments.

Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of
any quality activities program, and
is expected at all WCC events. It
is the responsibility of
coaches/advisors, participants,
cheerleaders, students, adult
spectators, officials, and media.
Promotion of sportsmanship at
activities should include a
demonstration of respect for opponents
and officials. Rules of the event
should be respected and skill and
performance should be recognized
regardless of school affiliation.

All schools of the WCC hope you enjoy
the competition throughout the 2021-
2022 school year!
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