Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City

Sunday, Sep 23, 2018

Monday, Sep 24, 2018
Time Event Details
5:00pm Football: JV Game  vs. Osakis @ ACGC High School
Falcon Football Field

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018
Time Event Details
4:15pm Football: 7/8 Game  Willmar @ Willmar Middle School
  This is a full game and both grades play at the same time
6:00pm Volleyball: ABC Match  vs. Melrose Area @ ACGC High School
  Parent's Night

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018
Time Event Details
10:30am Chippe Shoppe   Theatre

Thursday, Sep 27, 2018
Time Event Details
4:30pm Volleyball: 7/8 Match   (Rescheduled to 09-13-18) vs. New London Spicer @ ACGC High School
5:00pm Football: 9 Game  Osakis @ Osakis High School
6:00pm Volleyball: ABC Match  Sauk Centre @ Sauk Centre High School

Friday, Sep 28, 2018
Time Event Details
7:00pm Football: A Game  vs. Montevideo @ ACGC High School
  Parents Night

Saturday, Sep 29, 2018